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Now in its twenty-fifth year of business, California Jewels makes jewelry that girls, boys, women and men like to wear.

Using first quality Swarovski® crystal made in Austria, fresh water pearls, semiprecious stones and other materials from all over the world, most of what we make are one-of-a-kind pieces although we do make some designs in a variety of colors.  And while we don't make all the parts, we do individually design and put together by hand all the jewelry we sell.   

We make necklaces, bracelets and/or earrings' sets for brides and their wedding parties in colors to match and/or compliment their color scheme.  We made an anklet for a bride to wear at her wedding on a beach.  Most wedding jewelry is made by custom order and we work with you to keep within your budget

Several customers have used our redesign and repair service to update inherited jewelry they now enjoy wearing in honor or memory of its original owner.  We've repaired broken jewelry pieces that just needed a new clasp, a good cleaning, and/or to be restrung and more than once we've made an earring to replace one that was lost from a pair.  

Sports Ball Jewelry pieces we handcraft with appropriate team colors and sports balls on them make great end of season gifts. 

Gift boxes are included with most orders, and minibows on request.  If you need a card enclosed, we do that for free too.  Use your credit cards or PayPal account for your purchases. 

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