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glass bracelet w/g clasp

Blue-Clear Matt Glass-b/g $25.00


black crystal bracelet w/s clasp

Twistee J-b/s $25.00


     crystal & pearl bracelet w/s clasp

C Pink & Gray Pearl-b/s $30.00

pearl is traditional birthstone for June

  multicolor crystal bracelet w/s clasp

Twistee Multi Tdrops-b/s $60.00


ab crystal bracelet w/s clasp

AB 6&8mm 5025-b/s $50.00


burgundy AB & glass bracelet w/g clasp

BurgundyAB & Glass-b/g  $70.00


lt blue crystal & blue lace bracelet w/s clasp

Lt SAB & Blue Lace-b/s $60.00

    fuchsia-violet-tanzanite crystal                bracelet w/14k gf clasp

F Violet-Tanzanite-b/g $100.00

 violet & tanzanite crystal                      bracelet w/14gf clasp

Violet & Tanzanite-b/g $150.00


Many bracelets are available in more than just the color shown and with other kinds of clasps too. 


COLOR SPLASH BRACELETS - all crystal  - $30.00 each





black & clear








Anklets start at $20.00 each and are available by custom order only to insure a good fit. You tell us the color you want your anklet to be and we'll quote you a price.

The final price is determined by the length of your anklet and the materials used. Magnetic clasps are not recommended on anklets.  They just aren't secure enough.


* * * How to get a CUSTOM FIT bracelet or anklet * * *

Step #1  Use one of the following to measure your wrist or ankle:

  • Measure your wrist or ankle exactly where you want to wear your bracelet or anklet with a tape measure

  • Cut a piece of string or ribbon the exact length of your wrist or ankle where you want to wear the bracelet or anklet  - then measure the string or ribbon with a ruler or tape measure

  • Measure a bracelet or anklet that you already have that fits the way you want your new one to fit. 

Please remember to measure only half the clasp if it has a fishhook clasp or another type of clasp where half of the clasp fits into the other

Step #2  Write down the measurement so you can tell us what it is:

  • What you tell us determines the size you get.

  • If it's too short - your bracelet or anklet will be too tight and may not close.

  • If it's too long - your bracelet or anklet will probably be too big and may fall off.

Step #3  Tell us the exact measurement when you order your bracelet or anklet.

  • We usually add 1/2" to 1" to what you tell us so please be accurate! 

  • Send us a picture of the bracelet or anklet so we can see how it's made because that can also effect how it fits.


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