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Many earrings are available in more than one color and with French hooks, posts or clips. 

Email or phone us and let's talk about what you want.

   violet crystal earrings w/v hooks

Sq Drop V-e/v $15.00       


blue crystal earrings w/v hooks

S w/Clear-e/v $15.00


    jonquil AB crystal, yellow       rhinestone earrings w/v hooks

Trifle JonqAB-e/v $20.00

       black crystal earrings /s posts

      Debbyes J-e/s posts $20.00

     emerald AB & mint crystal earrings w/s posts

TR EAB Mnt e/s   $20.00

violet AB & pink crystal earrings w/s posts

TR VAB Rose-e/s  $20.00

       blueAB crystal & lapis         earrings w/s hooks

Lap-SAB Tdrp-e/s $25.00

goldstone earrings w/v hooks

Goldstone Star-e/v $25.00

    AB crystal earrings w/s hooks

ABR 5025-e/s $25.00

            lt blueAB crystal & blue lace                 agate earrings w/s hooks

LtSAB Blue Lace-e/s $25.00

fuchsia crystal, lt am rhinestone earrings w/v hooks

Fw/Lt Am Rhstn-e/v $30.00

       rosaline gold crystal earrings           w/14k gf leverbacks

Rsaline Gold-e/g lvrbk $35.00

black crystal, 14 kgf chain w/v hooks

Sq Chains J-e/v $45.00

jonquil AB crystal, blue goldstone, rhinestone earrings      w/gp shield & v hooks

Sh JonqAB B Gldstn Rh-e/v $60.00

fire opal & crystal earrings w/v hooks

Filigree Fire Opal & C-e/v $100.00

 blue crystal earrings w/v hooks

Filigree S-e/v $100.00


Ceramic Animal Earrings

We're continuously making Ceramic Animal Earrings. 

Look at the earrings shown here then tell us your first and second choice of animal - sterling silver or vermeil hooks or   gp or sp clips

along with the color of crystal you want on your earrings and we'll handcraft a pair of Ceramic Animal Earrings just for you.

ONLY $20.00 per pair

Order a Ceramic Animal Necklace with the same color of crystal to have a matching set you can wear together or separately. 

E Rooster-e/v

S Blue Jay-e/s

J Brown Owl-e/s


C Raccoon-e/s

P Flamingo-e/v

J Bay Horse-e/s

C Cow-e/s

J Bulls-e/s

T Orange Tabby Cat-e/v

C Gray Tabby Cat-e/s

P White Cat-e/v

Bulldogs w/Red-e/s

J Chihuahua-e/v

Comical Cat-e/s

J Zebra-e/v

Dark Gray Wolfhead-e/s

T Moose-e/v

J Cheetahs-e/v

S Elephant-e/v

Fire Opal Orange Tiger-e/v

Shark 1-e/s

Fire Opal Clown Fish-e/v

T Lion-e/v

Green & Gray Turtle-e/s

Blue Dolphin-e/s



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