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FAQ: Frequently asked questions  

1.    What kind of hooks/ear wires do you use?

14kt gold-filled and sterling silver posts, vermeil and .925 sterling silver French hooks

2.    Do you have earrings for sensitive ears?

Yes.  We recommend vermeil French hooks made with 23kt gold bonded to .925 sterling silver. 

"Hypoallergenic" earrings are like "fresh frozen food' and more than likely they will not protect your sensitive ears from irritation. 

Several customers have been wearing earrings with vermeil hooks on them for over 20 years with no problems.

But some people find that almost any metal they wear irritates their skin.  This is not unusual. 

Request by email free copies of our newsletters that may help you or someone you know with this problem. 

3.    Do you make clip earrings? 

Yes.  If you want earrings like some that have hooks or posts on them email us.

We'll change them to gold or silver plated clip earrings for you free of charge

4.    Does it cost anything to change from hooks to posts or vice versa?  

To change from posts to French hooks or vice versa is always free

5.    How can I get a bracelet that fits me?

Click on the "bracelets" button below and scroll down to * * * How to get a CUSTOM FIT bracelet or anklet * * *

6.    Can I change a clasp on a bracelet or necklace and how much does it cost?

Most of our bracelets and necklaces are made with fishhook (pearl) clasps because of their unique safety feature. 

Changing from a fishhook to a spring ring clasp or vice versa is always free

To change to a magnetic clasp adds $9.00 to the cost of a bracelet or necklace. 

We do not recommend magnetic clasps on anklets because they are not secure enough to keep your anklet closed and it might fall off.

7.    Do you make anklets?

Yes.  All anklets are made by custom order. 

Click on the "bracelets and anklets" button below and scroll down to * * * How to get a CUSTOM FIT bracelet or anklet * * *  for details.

8.    Can I get a choker or longer necklace than what's shown?

Yes.  Most necklaces can be made shorter or longer unless one-of-a-kind and changing the length will drastically change the design of the necklace. 

Making a necklace shorter is usually done for free but prices vary when it comes to making a necklace longer.

It might have to be remade, redesigned, and a lot more materials might have to be added to it. 

9.    Is this real crystal?

Yes.  We only use Swarovski® first quality crystal made in Austria (it says so on the crystal packages we receive).

It has the best color and the best sparkle! 

10.    Can I get something I've seen on your website in a different color?

Yes.  Email or phone and tell us what color you're looking for or what color you want to wear the jewelry with.

 And then we'll talk about what materials we have that might work for you.

11.    Do you take credit cards and/or PayPal?

Yes. We accept credit cards using Square and we accept PayPal.     

12.    How long will it take for me to receive my jewelry?

We'll custom handcrafted your jewelry us as soon as your payment is confirmed. 

It'll be shipped within a week of the date your order is finalized or we'll let you know ahead of time if it'll take longer. 

Credit Card and PayPal orders process faster and Priority Mail usually gets your order to you in 3-5 days. 

We'll send you an email when your order is on its way.

13.    Can I pay for my order when I get it from you?

No.  All orders are payable in advance.

14.    What if I want to return what I ordered and will I get my money back?

All returns are subject to prior approval by California Jewels. 


Credit will be issued for future purchases only.   

15.    Are there any items that cannot be returned?

Yes.  Custom orders cannot be returned.

16.    Do I need to pay sales tax?

Yes.  Applicable sales tax will be added to all orders delivered in California.

17.    Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes.  Click on the "ordering information & privacy policy" button below for details.

18.    Do you have a catalog and how can I get one?

No.  We do not have a catalog.

So much of what we make is one-of-a-kind: only one made. 

After we talk about what you want by phone or email we'll refer you to pieces on our website.

Or we might email you some scans of actual jewelry pieces (occasionally samples) for you to chose from. 

19.    Can you repair and/or redesign my grandmother's necklace for me so I can wear it?

Yes.  We've changed 3-strand necklaces into single long stand ones with matching earrings.

We added about 9 inches to one and 7 inches to another. 

Most necklaces we've cleaned, restrung and updated have gone from looking rather dull to looking gorgeous!

20.    Can I wear my jewelry all the time?

Some customers rarely take off any of their jewelry.

 We recommend that you DO NOT wear any California Jewels pieces in the shower, bath or swimming pool. 

Water, soap, chlorine etc. can effect how  they look. 

21.   What is the best way to clean my crystal jewelry?

The quickest way to clean your crystal jewelry is with baby wipes.

But be sure not to use any with powder in them or you'll have a dull white film on your jewelry. 

Use a soft paper towel on your jewelry after cleaning it if the wipes are very wet or it might look dull and not sparkle as much as it should. 

Wipe your jewelry from end to end in both directions. 

It takes a little longer but to make your crystal jewelry really sparkle

soak the pieces in a sudsy combination of hot water and DAWN dishwashing liquid for just a few minutes

longer if your jewelry looks dirty

gently go over the pieces with a very soft old toothbrush if necessary

then rinse from end to end in both directions with hot water. 

Pat your jewelry dry on paper towels

then set it out on additional dry paper towels to finish drying. 

When you think your jewelry is dry, gently touch the pieces with a piece of dry paper towel.  If no moisture gets on the towel your jewelry is dry and ready to wear.     

We do not recommend using "jewelry cleaners" because the chemicals in them can effect the metal parts of your jewelry and discolor them. 

If you use such cleaners on pearls they will remove the luster of the nacre. 

Soak any jewelry with pearls in baby oil and then dry with a soft cloth.

Vicki wears a lot of sunblock when we're outside and it tends to discolor some of her jewelry. 

If it doesn't look better after the DAWN treatment it's because there's been a chemical reaction between the sunblock and the metal in her jewelry. 

When this happens the jewelry has to be remade with new hooks, clasps or such.

If you have this problem with jewelry you've bought from us just bring it to us and we'll see what we can do to "fix" it.

22.   Do you have a newsletter? Is it free? How can I get it?

Our free monthly newsletter is usually emailed during the first week of each month. 

To start receiving our monthly newsletter email your request to  

If you have a question that has not been covered above, click on the "contact us" button and send us an email about it.

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