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California Jewels is a family business.  In 1992 when one of our children asked to start her own business we supported her efforts.  Two years later when she could no longer continue we asked her to teach us everything she knew so we could continue the business.  We design and handcraft all the jewelry we sell but things have changed over the years from the mostly crystal and semiprecious pieces our daughter made.  


2000 our Millennium Collection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces with jet Aurora Borealis and Rosaline gold crystal and our first Ceramic Animal Necklaces were created

2001 we designed a red, white, and blue collection in support of the NY Firefighters' families effected by the tragedy of 9/11 and sent a portion of our sales to a special fund setup to help them

2008 Ceramic Animal Earrings were born and Strand Necklaces were introduced

2009 An earring design for animals with "horizontal holes"  was developed and Clifford designed bigger, more spectacular crystal earrings and we started making Strand Bracelets.  In May 2009 the 100th edition of the free monthly California Jewels  newsletter was sent. 

2010 Koordinates were introduced by Clifford.  Vicki designed a matching necklace and earrings set with white eagles plus purple and gold beads for the president of an Eagles Auxiliary and a light sapphire blue and aurora borealis crystal necklace and earrings set for a young lady's quinceñara.  Clifford was asked to make a bolo tie with a customer's initial on it and he liked the results so much he made one for himself and then gifted a few friends with their own too. 

2011 Sports Ball Jewelry for baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, tennis and volleyball included 3 different earring designs an necklaces

2012 Rhinestone Kiris were presented and Strand Necklaces and Bracelets with Cat Faces or with Flowers were new 

2013 Kiris with Spheres were introduced and Clifford designed an updated version of Square Chains   

2014 Clifford designed Kiris with Soccer Balls in many World Cup team colors and Vicki designed Color Splash Bracelets.

2015 California Jewels had a weekly booth in the Downtown San Leandro Farmers' Market from the day it opened in 2009 to September 2015 when the Brodies moved to California's Central Valley and California Jewels went on hiatus.

2016 Sports Ball Bracelets were introduced.

In addition to being seen on the Internet California Jewels have been seen at festivals, arts & crafts shows, school and church fundraisers, farmers’ markets, corporate shows, and private jewelry parties.  The Brodies enjoy meeting and talking with customers.  Clifford especially enjoys photographing people and putting their pictures on .

Vicki's been asked to create a one-of-kind set to go with a customer’s wedding dress, prom dress or other special outfit and she usually strings spontaneously or from sketches she's made.  Most Ceramic Animal Necklaces are original designs straight out of Vicki's imagination and she continues to make most Strand Necklaces and Bracelets plus a few one-of-a-kind crystal pieces each year.   

Clifford finishes all jewelry Vicki makes and in addition to that he has repaired customer owned pieces including matching a lost earring and restringing and redesigning necklaces where some of the original material was lost or damaged. Clifford makes and custom-fits all anklets most of which are ordered to go.  All Kiri Necklaces (including Sports Kiris) are designed and handcrafted by Clifford and each pin and bolo tie with an Uncial initial on it is individually created by Clifford.

Both Clifford and Vicki enjoy making custom jewelry for people who want something special and their redesign service does just that. Previously owned pieces of jewelry that need repair, cleaning and/or an update are transformed by them. When a friend brought her aunt's jewelry box to the Brodies she asked that its contents be used to make bracelet and earrings sets for her to give to her family as a memento of their relative.  It was recommended that a few of the inherited necklaces be cleaned, preserved and worn "as is" because they were too unique to change but at least 10 sets were made for her to give to her family. 

Another customer brought a basketful of very long and different necklaces to the Brodie for evaluation.  Some could not be changed without too much time and expense involved so they were not but at least 5 new necklace, bracelet and earrings sets were made for her from her "old" necklaces along with a  necklace and earrings set for her to give to her daughter.    

The goal of California Jewels is as always - to make jewelry that people enjoy wearing.  Both Brodies appreciate return customers and it's great when they bring their family and friends to meet them and see their jewelry so they can choose or buy their own too.

Customer's comments about pricing is where the slogan  California Jewels  great jewelry...great prices™ originated.

Check the  show schedule from time to time so you'll know where you can visit the Brodie but in the meantime you can see their latest designs by going to  "what's new" at .  Most California Jewels shows are now in California's Central Valley.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person if we haven't already.  Some of you may recognize where the picture below was taken of us - Vicki and Clifford aka The Brodies. 


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