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 Saturday November 4


 handcrafted-only products made by local artisans 

 helps raise funds for community outreach efforts      

 at First Christian of Manteca

 1125 N Union Rd @ corner of Louise/Union in  MANTECA                                                                                                                                 

 10am to 4pm



Want to see California Jewels at a 2017 event? 

Tell us about it and please give our name and contact information to those in charge:


phone number (209) 596-4954. 

Most of the events we do are in the Central Valley but if you want to have a fundraiser for your favorite charity or a jewelry party for your family and friends iphone or email us and we'll see what we can do.  

These pictures were taken by Clifford at various venues.  Enjoy! 


All I can tell you is.. I definitely get my good looks from my Mom!!


This is what I call Heaven- I'm with MY MOM!  

He's wearing a Giants cap, but I think we're in A's country!!


I told him he's very funny, that's why I'm laughing!!


She said Grandma made my hat but I think it's from Paris and it's très chic!!

We came to the Farmers' Market 'cos I told him we need some fresh veggies!!

It's not that I find the Farmers' Market a bit boring, but I need to snooze!

The flower in my hair says I'm available, but I'm really exclusive!!

I told him I like it when he takes me to the Farmers'  Market!


I told my Mom to let me have the sunglasses & I'm still waiting!!




Меня зовут Зарина (that's Russian for my name is Zarina!) and I hope the photo guy got it right!!)


 I'm getting a lot of  attention here and I love it! Oh, by the way that's my Dad!


The photo below is here in memory of a very kind gentle man we met in Kingsburg California several years ago.



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