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Sports Ball Earrings, Sports Ball Bracelets, and Sports Ball Necklaces are what we call Sports Ball Jewelry.

It's all available in a variety of color combinations featuring baseballs, basketballs, footballs, golf balls,  soccer balls,  tennis balls, and volleyballs while supplies last.

Order Sports Ball Jewelry with your favorite team colors.    

Sports Ball Earrings can be ordered for most sports in any of the three styles shown for BASEBALL.

Some of the pictures feature only the center part of Sports Ball Necklaces. 

Sports Ball Jewelry is perfect for end of season team gifts - and is great for fundraising too. 

Discounts are given only when 10 or more pairs of Sports Ball Earrings and/or Sports Ball Necklaces with the same colors, pattern, and sports balls are ordered at the same time. 

No sales tax will be added to items purchased for fundraising if a resale number is provided with your order.

Please note: when ordering Sports Ball Bracelets for team gifts or fundraising you must include the size required for each bracelet you are ordering when you place your order. 

BASEBALL   also works for softball  

S Mini Baseball-e/s $10.00

C Baseball-e/v $15.00

J Orange Baseball-e/v $15.00

Baseball-RWB-n $10.00


T Mini Basketball-e/s $10.00

Basketball-Red/White-n $10.00




Football-Black-e/s $15.00



Blue/Silver Football-e/s $15.00


Football-Black/silver-n $10.00


C Mini Golf Ball-e/v $10.00




Golf Ball-Green/White-n $10.00


R Mini Soccer Ball-e/v $10.00

J Soccer-e/v $15.00

Soccer Ball-Blue/White-n $10.00


E Mini Tennis Ball-e/v $10.00

Tennis Ball-Green/Purple-n $10.00


F Mini Volleyball-e/s $10.00


     Volleyball-Black/Gold-n $10.00



Sports Ball Bracelets, Sports Ball Earrings, and Sports Ball Necklaces can be ordered separately and/or as a matching set with your favorite team colors and sports balls on them. 


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