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These people make California Jewels look even more beautiful!


Cindy our friend!

Teresa,a GS warrior fan,  wearing a basketball necklace!


Kendall wearing a purple winged Pegasus necklace



Melissa wearing a soccer necklace



Jamir wearing an Orca necklace



Matt wearing a shark necklace



Auryn wearing a Doxie necklace


Liz wearing a rainbow strand necklace,Jenn wearing blue lace agate & crystal earrings

Arcadia wearing an Owl necklace

Hailey wearing a Panda necklace


Felisa wearing a Rainbow necklace and bracelet


Antonio wearing an Elephant necklace



Cooper wearing a shark necklace


Caydence wearing a Strand bracelet

Bob wearing a Pug necklace

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So if you want us to send you the original picture,  please send us an email.

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