Enhancing Elderly Comfort

One of the big concerns for many caregivers is being able to enhance the comfort of their elderly parent or patient. Many seniors continue to live fairly independent lives, but often are slowed down by the effects of aging. They move slower, must often deal with limited mobility, or are suffering from the effects of disease, injury, or surgery. This can leave a large gap in the aspect of comfort in their lives. The good news is that there are many products that you can buy for the senior in your life, that will enhance their comfort and improve their quality of life. Here are few things that can be done to elderly monitoring app

  • Tools that help with daily living-Many seniors face obstacles just doing the tasks that are required in daily living. Rising from bed, or from a recliner, can become difficult and even painful for someone with limited mobility. A bed assist can be attached to the side of the bed (complete with a handy storage pocket for eyeglasses and magazines), that enables the senior to comfortably pull themselves up to the edge of the bed. There are also risers that can be attached to the bottom of a recliner that allows the person sitting in it to not have to strain to stand. These risers fit snugly and give the senior more confidence when getting up from their chair. There are also tools that make everyday living much easier. A reacher arm (a long stick with pincer grips); can help seniors reach objects without the need to climb onto a footstool, or step ladder. This has the added benefit of reducing the risk of falls and slips.
  • Tools that cushion and support-Due too many of the discomforts of aging many elderly find they have difficulty sleeping or even relaxing. There are products that can be added easily and affordably to their bed, recliner, or other relaxing spot, that can make this much more comfortable for them. An egg crate mattress can offer additional support and comfort, for the senior in bed, while a bed wedge (usually made of foam); can offer extra support as well. These work especially well for the senior who has limited mobility, and perhaps is in bed for a large part or all of the day.
  • Tools that add security-Many elderly can continue to live on their own, but just need the added support of some electronic monitoring. There is a wide variety of alarms and monitoring systems that can give those seniors who are living on their own, the comfort of knowing someone can help should a problem arise. There are alarms that allow the senior to speak directly to a 911 operator from anywhere in their home. Best of all, the alarm is plugged directly into a phone jack and can be moved and taken with them to another location with no monitoring fees. There are also other alarms that can be used to detect whether a senior has fallen, or needs other help. A telephone with amplified sound can also be installed which announces the phone number of the caller, and allows seniors with limited hearing or vision to continue using a phone. All of these tools can add comfort, and security, to your loved one and help them maintain a high quality of life.

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